What is a healthy meal plan? This is a question that most people fail to find an answer to. There are those who try to find the answer but the answer they come up with is in most cases incorrect. The phrase “healthy meal plan” relates to two important things; your regular meals and a plan. There is no doubt that you need to stick to healthy meals considering that some of the serious yet preventable diseases/health conditions relate directly to types of food stuffs you eat on a regular basis. Since sticking to a healthy meal made up of the same food stuffs can be monotonous, you need to have a meal plan that allows you to vary types of wholesome food stuffs that make up your regular diet.

Choice of Healthy Food Stuffs

You definitely cannot develop healthy food choices without knowledge about nutritious food stuffs. Food stuffs are generally grouped in relation to nutrients that your body obtains from eating them. There is the dairy group (milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, fruits group (all types of fruits), grains (cereals) group (wheat, rice, oats, barley, bread, pasta), protein group (all types of meat) and vegetables (onions, peppers, spinach, carrots). Although not considered as main food groups, water and cooking oil are critical components of healthy meals.

It is important to note that not all food stuffs found in each food group are beneficial. You need to ascertain what each food stuff contains before you make it part of your healthy balanced diet.


There are several considerations you need to take into account when choosing healthy meals to eat. Such considerations include the number of meals you will cook on your own and how many times you will (may) eat out, whether you are developing your own meal plan as a single individual, a meal plan for a couple or a healthy meal plan for a whole family where children are involved and whether or you or a member of your family has any special dietary need or is intolerant to some food stuffs. Regardless of whether planning for your own meals or for your family, fruits and vegetables should always form part of every meal.